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ESMC Seeks Rangeland and Producer Circle Project Manager

October 15, 2020

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Rangeland and Producer Circle Project Manager



Job Description  

ESMC seeks a Rangeland and Producer Circle Project Manager to lead projects and field demonstrations on rangeland management systems across the country, and to lead and support ESMC’s Producer Circle membership category, in a manner that integrates related workstreams of ESMC and ESMRC

Background Information


The Ecosystem Services Market Consortium LLC (ESMC) is a member-driven consortium working with partners and collaborators across the agricultural supply chain and value chain to build, test and launch a technologically advanced ecosystem services market conceived and designed for the agricultural sector. ESMCs market program will reward and incentivize producers for beneficial impacts of sustainable agricultural systems that are demanded by consumers, society, and the agricultural supply
chain. ESMC’s research arm, the Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium (ESMRC), is investing in critical R&D for a cost-effective, scalable, harmonized market to scale the beneficial impacts of sustainable systems adoption on working agricultural lands. The ESMC market meets corporate and societal needs by quantifying, monitoring, verifying, and certifying environmental outcomes in a transparent, credible science-based program.

ESMC Rangeland and Producer Circle Project Manager

ESMC seeks a Rangeland and Producer Circle Project Manager to lead projects and field demonstrations on rangeland management systems across the country, and to lead and support ESMC’s Producer Circle membership category, in a manner that integrates related workstreams of ESMC and ESMRC. The role requires a proactive approach, complex decision making in a rapidly evolving arena, and close coordination with ESMC’s Program Management team, including the Cropland Project Manager, the Certification Project Manager and ESMRC’s Research Coordinator. The  Rangeland and Producer Circle Project Manager will primarily lead rangeland management system and field demonstration project planning, implementation, oversight and evaluation in coordination with ESMC members, partners and team as the Program is refined and expanded; and will be the ESMC lead in managing, on-boarding, and supporting the Producer Circle in concert with the Producer Circle co-chairs, who also serve on ESMC’s Board of Directors. The role requires coordination with protocol adaptation and refinement activities; and with activities to certify ESMC protocols, credits, and programs. The Rangeland and Producer Circle Project Manager will report directly to the ESMC Program Director as part of a small, dynamic team in an exciting and rewarding field of work as we
launch an innovative, national scale ecosystem services market program for the agricultural sector.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Contractor will function as Rangeland Project Manager to deliver the following:

  • ESMC Rangeland Management System Pilot Projects and Field Demonstrations:
    • Serve as ESMC Team lead to oversee planning, coordination, implementation, oversight and evaluation of cropland management system pilot projects to further develop, test and refine ESMC protocols and program and all relevant aspects of projects requiring demonstration, field testing and refinement.
    •  Responsibilities will include working collaboratively with ESMC staff, consultants, members and partners to facilitate selection, planning, development, launching, coordination and oversight of pilot projects in a consistent and documented manner. The Project Manager will ensure all salient activities are monitored and evaluated and that appropriate feedback loops are created to document and share challenges, successes and outcomes in a way that leads to refinements and improvements to the ESMC protocols, processes and programs. 
    •  Responsibilities are include development, use and refinement of programs materials to support projects as necessary. This will include utilizing training manuals and related program materials to execute the program and to improve them based on user feedback and experiences. 
    • ESMC Producer Circle members are roughly comprised of half ranchers and half cropland farmers and were selected from nominations by ESMC Members and Board members to represent a diversity of geographic, production system, and other characteristics and attributes. 
    • Responsibilities include planning, managing and leading activities of ESMC's Producer Circle in coordination with Producer Circle Co-Chairs. This will include on-boarding new Producer Circle members as necessary, providing administrative support to schedule meetings and calls, plan agendas, summarize outcomes, and provide necessary materials to Producer Circle to engage them in ESMC activities. 
    • Role will require ensuring a feedback loop from Producer Circle members to ESMC and ESMRC teams to ensure alignment of understanding and needs in ESMC's market program. Project Manager must articulate producer roles and requirements in the market program; and ensure critical feedback is shared with ESMC team and members in a manner that constructively strengthens the program and overcomes challenges and obstacles to producer engagement at scale.
  • Support and contribute relevant content to publications and reports of appropriate results and outcomes pursuant to specific areas of responsibility. 
  • Assume additional roles and responsibilities as necessary to achieve the success of ESMC and ESMRC. 
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Master’s Degree in agriculture, natural sciences, conservation, sustainability, or related field and 5 years related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Understanding of the agriculture industry, agricultural conservation and sustainability efforts 
  • Knowledge and experience working in ecosystem services markets and/or corporate sustainability programs, particularly carbon offset and/or corporate agricultural supply chain sustainability programs, and familiarity with quantification, verification and certification of outcomes within these markets and programs 
  • Exemplary project management experience, particularly leading, developing and implementing agricultural demonstration and pilot projects
  • Experience leading and facilitating teams and working across teams and communicating with a diverse range of people from technical and non-technical backgrounds 
  • Ability to work independently and make complex decisions in a start-up organization where uncertainty can be high with an ability to prioritize needs and seek further information as necessary to make decisions as well as know when to seek team input for decisions

  • Ability to self- manage time and responsibilities, with proficiency in prioritizing tasks, organizing time and managing multiple activities to meet deadlines; strong organizational and project, management skills, accuracy, and attention to detail
  • Strong writing skills, and documented experience writing, editing, and proofreading, and an ability to compile and synthesize divergent sources of information to create cohesive reports and recommendations
  • Ability to utilize software needed for the role, including Microsoft Office (word, excel), developing and presenting PowerPoint presentations, and program management and tracking software is key to success in the role





 Interested applicants should send cover letter, earliest possible start date and resume to Please include your name at the top of all documents, and file names for all files that are sent (ex. Jane Doe cover
letter).  Note that this position will work closely with the Cropland Project Manager. In your cover letter, please note whether your interest is only in the Rangeland position or if you would like to be considered for both positions, how you meet the listed qualification requirements, and salary requirements.

Position will remain open until filled.


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