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Apply Now: Scholarship Applications Are Open for GEAPS!

February 13, 2020

GEAPS II GEAPS Offers Scholarships for Students and Industry Workers


Across the grain industry, well-trained and versatile employees are always needed. GEAPS offers a pair of scholarships to help ensure that current professionals have the training they require, and to help future grain industry workers develop skill sets that help them thrive from the day they start.

Kaufmann Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship supports current industry professionals who are looking to improve their versatility by eliminating language barriers in the workplace. It applies to tuition, books and fees at accredited institutions. Students attending institutions outside the U.S. may apply if their college or university’s language program is formally affiliated with an accredited U.S. school.

Apply for the Kaufmann scholarship.

Harold Reese Memorial Scholarship

The Harold Reese Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance for the GEAPS/Kansas State University Distance Education Program. Full-time students in grain-related programs at other colleges and universities are also eligible to apply. Current professionals and students can both take advantage of the Harold Reese Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship provides financial assistance to participants in the GEAPS/Kansas State University Distance Education Program, and to students at other schools studying grain-related fields.

Apply for the Reese scholarship.



Scholarship applications are awarded each summer.

For more information, contact Kristin Ellsworth with GEAPS or call (763) 999-4311. 

Applications are due by Friday, May 29.


To learn more and apply please visit here!


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