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Oregon Environmental Council Seek Executive Council

May 07, 2019

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Executive Council 

Job Summary: 

The Executive Director is a highly effective leader who creates a solid organizational foundation by developing strategy, setting goals, empowering staff, and providing clear expectations. The successful candidate creates an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, supports innovation, and creates opportunities to grow, learn, and develop. Supporting an evolving and changing workforce, the successful candidate embraces a team that celebrates milestones, nurtures change, and embodies flexibility in the work environment. A natural convener and collaborator, the successful candidate has a genuine ability to focus groups with differing viewpoints towards common goals. The Executive Director recognizes the importance of relationships and partnerships at all levels and brings the ability to balance and respect a variety of views during the decision-making process.

 Oregon Environmental Council

Established in 1968 as the first multi-issue, statewide environmental group in Oregon, the Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) is a nonpartisan nonprofit comprised of concerned Oregonians who are committed to the protection of the air, water, and land. A highly-regarded, national leader in environmental protection, OEC has a successful history of supporting the health of every Oregonian and the health of this place we call home.

We advocate impactful, lasting solutions that get at the source of Oregon’s environmental problems. We advocate creative solutions that are based on sound scientific evidence, economic analysis, and life cycle thinking. We respect the needs of Oregon’s diverse communities, promote solutions that support a highly functioning economy, and provide leadership and opportunity for all Oregonians to create and implement a vision for a healthy environment.

Over the past 50 years, OEC has achieved tremendous results in five primary areas:

  1. Climate Protection to safeguard our communities and economies
  2. Clean & Plentiful Water to support people, fish, and wildlife
  3. Toxic-free Environments with healthy homes and neighborhoods that are free of air pollution and hazardous chemicals that protect human health, starting with our children
  4. Transportation Solutions that are eco-friendly
  5. Public Policy Changes that safeguard our future by supporting the health of every Oregonian and the health of our planet

Staff work to advance OEC’s goals through comprehensive carbon-reduction policies; eco-friendly transportation; energy-efficient, toxic-free green buildings; safe, non-toxic products; clean air policies; water conservation and efficiency; and water pollution prevention, focusing on building sustainable, equitable environmental strategies that reflect OEC’s commitment to environmental justice.

OEC is a builder of relationships that drive innovative solutions and impact. We engage Oregon’s diverse communities and work to build broad-based coalitions to find common ground in support of inclusive environmental solutions. OEC promotes viable environmental practices for businesses, communities, and families alike.

Oregon Environmental Council is led by a robust Board of Directors, nearly 20 staff members, and is supported by an Emerging Leaders Board (ELB), all of whom have agreed to share their extraordinary skills to support the mission of OEC. The organization’s annual budget is approximately $3.38 million and relies heavily on grants, both restricted and unrestricted, and major donors to fund its work.

The Executive Director Position

The Executive Director serves as the chief executive of the Oregon Environmental Council and, under the guidance of OEC’s statewide Board of Directors, drives programmatic and operational initiatives in pursuit of OEC’s mission to advance innovative, collaborative, and equitable solutions to Oregon’s environmental challenges for today and future generations.


Serving as a key external representative and spokesperson for OEC, the Executive Director is the public face for the organization and responsible for maintaining a highly visible presence in Oregon and within the community at large. The Executive Director deepens the organization’s existing relationships with state and local decision-makers, leaders of key state natural resource agencies, and strategic partners across the state, while exploring new sources of revenue and support for the work.


OEC is a nonpartisan organization, and the Executive Director must be equally adept at working with elected officials, agency leaders, policymakers, business leaders, and funders across the political spectrum. The Executive Director must be effective at consensus and coalition building, honor and respect opposing viewpoints, and be able to diplomatically navigate issues that may be divisive at times.


Building upon OEC’s already strong foundation, the Executive Director is responsible for further operationalizing an impactful, high-functioning statewide organization. Providing vision and direction for OEC’s programs, the Executive Director works closely with staff and the Board to develop and advance priority policy issues and OEC’s 2012-2022 strategic goals.


Working with Board and senior leadership, the Executive Director leads the development of the annual budget and is responsible for setting appropriate goals and milestones in pursuit of the organization’s strategy. Additionally, the position ensures that the organization is managed in a transparent, participatory, and inclusive manner consistent with OEC’s core values and commitment to bringing Oregonians together.


A minimum of five years leadership experience with a demonstrated commitment to collaborative, team-oriented management is required. A passion for OEC’s mission and values and experience working in a non-profit setting with a mission-driven staff is essential. Knowledge of environmental issues is highly desired. Prior experience working directly with a volunteer board of directors is required, as is a successful history of fundraising. Demonstrated strategic thinking and political advocacy skills, developing and promoting public policy, and understanding of the legislative process is valued. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, along with the ability to engage and inspire a wide range of stakeholders are important. A commitment to practicing and advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within the organization and in the environmental movement is essential.

Compensation and Benefits

The Executive Director salary is at the discretion of the Board, with a salary range of $110,000 to $125,000. Oregon Environmental Council offers an excellent benefits package. 





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