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U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service seeks a Research Landscape Ecologist

August 04, 2021

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Research Landscape Ecologist 
About us:
This is a Pre-Announcement Notice. The Northern Research Station (NRS) plans to advertise the
following position soon. Please circulate this outreach notice to as many potential candidates as
possible; we are seeking a diverse pool of qualified applicants, and therefore especially encourage
applications by groups under-represented in science and in the US Forest Service. The online outreach
notice can be found at this link: Information on the
vacancy announcement will be posted at this link at a later date, as well as being sent to all who
respond to this pre-announcement notice. If you would like to be notified of the vacancy please
respond to the online outreach link above, or send the optional form at the end of this document to
Erik Lilleskov,



The scientist is a research landscape ecologist at the Northern Research Station (NRS) Research Work
Unit NRS-06, Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences, stationed at the Forestry Sciences Laboratory,
Delaware, Ohio. The work unit’s research falls into three main topic areas: climate change research,
fire research, and carbon cycle research. As a unit we embrace and value diverse perspectives that
reflect our broad array of talented scientists that make up our supportive community. The scientist
focuses on research in the areas of climate vulnerability and adaptation and is integral to the
Landscape Change Research Group within the unit. This group is responsible for the research,
development, and delivery of the nationally and internationally recognized Climate Change Atlas,
which documents the current and possible future distribution of 125+ tree species and 140+ bird
species in the Eastern United States under climate change emission scenarios. The group also works
closely with colleagues in the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS), providing research products relevant to management and fostered through the adaptation coordinators of NIACS.
The research scientist takes a landscape approach to characterizing ecological processes and stresses,
as well as ecosystem management practices and anthropogenic perturbations. This broad-scale
characterization is applied at multiple temporal and spatial scales using a variety of techniques to
elucidate and model complex systems. Together, these techniques address how a changing climate
may affect forest ecosystems, with cascading effects on wildlife populations. Working across scales
helps reveal how landscape patterns influence ecological processes and species diversity, producing
results that are directly relevant to existing and proposed management practices.
This position is permanent, full-time, and is eligible for flexible work arrangements, but it is not a
virtual position. Government housing is not available.

The Northern Research Station, USDA Forest Service, serves a 20-state region composed of the
Northeast and Midwest. The Station improves people’s lives and sustains natural resources through
research and development. The Northern Research Station has more than 300 employees, including
134 scientists, at 24 field locations and 22 Experimental Forests. More information on the Northern
Research Station is on our website:

Delaware, OH, is located near the center of Ohio, about 30 miles north of Columbus and is part of the
Columbus Metropolitan Area. Delaware itself has a population of about 35,000 people, whereas the
larger metropolitan area has a population of about 2 million. Delaware boasts several state and local
parks and preserves, Ohio Wesleyan University, and a vibrant downtown with a community spirit.
Columbus is home of The Ohio State University, has well-established manufacturing and tech sectors,
and numerous museums, performing arts institutions, and festivals.
If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please respond to this outreach at:
If you wish, you can also fill out the optional form below.

For more information please contact Erik Lilleskov, acting project leader:
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