Top 10 Internship Tips, Tricks and Tasks

Posted on September 30, 2015
Top 10 Internship Tips, Tricks and Tasks

  An internship is a terrific opportunity to get acquainted with your chosen field and to develop connections that could help you in your professional goals.  Read our top ten recommendations to ensure that you make a great impression! 



  1. Pay attention to details. Spell correctly. Use proper punctuation and grammar. Always. 

  2. Keep records of what you do. Keep a journal or log activities. Take note of software programs you learn and projects you complete. Use the opportunity to build your portfolio. 

  3. Keep a positive attitude. Smile. Offer your assistance. Say “yes.” Be enthusiastic!
  4. Go above and beyond. People notice if you stay late to help meet a deadline or offer to pick up a supply on the way to work. 

  5. Act like a “real” employee. Dress professionally. Show up on time. Communicate professionally and respectfully. 

  6. Many people can teach you at your internship. Ask to have coffee or lunch with people who are not directly supervising you to learn more about what they do. Everyone should want to help a student learn. 

  7. Develop project management skills. Vie for a project that will take two or more weeks to complete so that you can gain experience in managing projects from A to Z. 

  8. Be curious. Don’t know how that process works? Ask. Learn how the company does business in every area…not just in your specialty. 

  9. Read everything you can get your hands on: industry magazines, newsletters, press releases and even company contracts. Learn everything you can about your internship industry. Read what seasoned professionals are reading.

  10. Don’t burn any bridges. When your internship comes to an end, be gracious and respectful and end on a positive note.

Utilize our suggestions to get the most out of your internship, and to guarantee that you will have positive effect upon the company. 


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