Inaugural Junior MANRRS Camp

Posted on June 24, 2024
Inaugural Junior MANRRS Camp
For Immediate Release
Atlanta, GA, June 24, 2024 The National Society of MANRRS is excited to announce the success of the Junior MANRRS Agri-Venture Camp. The Junior MANRRS Agri-VENTURE Camp is a dynamic and immersive experience designed to introduce young minds to the exciting world of agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences.
The Junior MANRRS Agri-Venture Camp organized by the National Society of MANRRS was a transformative experience for 22 students from various states, including Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Maryland. This week-long residential program, from June 9th - 14th, offered hands-on learning opportunities for students to explore agriculture, natural resources, and STEM fields. From workshops on professional development hosted by the UGA MANRRS Chapter, to hands-on labs from the Department of Entomology and Food Sciences and Technology the camp provided a comprehensive experience for students to engage with industry professionals and experts. Through visits to the garden, Veterinary School, and the Georgia Aquarium, students gained valuable insights into potential career paths and real-world applications of their interests.  The camp was designed to give students exposure in the agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences industry and broaden their perspective on different careers and majors and it did just that. We are proud to have been a part of such a transformative and inspiring event. The impact of the camp is evident in the inspiring quotes from participants who found the experience enriching and educational. 

The Junior MANRRS Agri-Venture Camp has exceeded all my expectations and has truly been a dream come true. Watching this vision evolve into a reality and witnessing the impact it has had on the students has been incredibly heartwarming and invigorating. It has been a remarkable journey to see the camp come to life and provide such a valuable and enriching experience for all involved.”

- Ian Smith, Junior MANRRS Coordinator and Camp Director 


Quotes from Junior MANRRS participants

“Thank you so much! It’s really amazing and inspiring to see people also pursuing their dreams in science and being passionate like I am in this field!” 

"This was the best camp I have ever experienced. I've learned so much and gained many friendships that mean a lot to me."

"My experience at the Junior MANRRS Agri-Venture STEM Camp was a good experience. I enjoyed the activities and walking around campus. I met new people and got more of the college and dorm experience. I enjoyed talking and hanging out with my peers. I learned different things and experienced different things such as suturing and holding different bugs. When I go outside, I feel more at ease to touch certain bugs if I did see them. The Aquarium Trip was very fun. I had a lot of fun in this camp, and I’m glad to have experienced this."



About Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Science (MANRRS)
MANRRS promotes academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources and related sciences. It is our goal to provide the student members (middle school through doctoral programs) of our organization with the support to become productive citizens by engaging them in leadership development activities, educational opportunities, job readiness training, and facilitating internship placement and permanent employment, with special emphasis on agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences.
MANRRS encourages and promotes Agriculture, Natural Resources, and related STEM programs in an effort to interest and attract underrepresented students and professionals into pursuing educational and career opportunities in these respective areas.
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