MANRRS promotes academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences.

MANRRS Announces Donation from Tractor Supply Co. Foundation

MANRRS Receives Donation From Tractor Supply Company to Advance Opportunities for Minorities

MANRRS Announces Partnership with the Valent Group of Companies

Valent will support MANRRS future programming with a $50,000 sponsorship for 2020-2021

ATLANTA, GA, July 10, 2020 —MANRRS is pleased to announce its newest partnership with the Valent Group of Companies. The partnership will assist MANRRS with continuing its mission of “promoting academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related...

Advocate for Justice

Recently traumatic moments over the last few weeks have left many of us devastated. George Floyd is not an isolated case. It is a reminder of other lives lost unjustly like that of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor who join a list of thousands of other victims. A platform such as ours has the privilege and responsibility to be an advocate for change, a force for good and an ally to all of our...

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Establishing Effective Communication in the Workplace

We are human beings. We thrive off of the energy of interacting with others. In many aspects of life, communication is key. Take a moment to think about how many times miscommunication negatively impacted your day, whether with your friends, children, family, or at work. Proper communication ensures everyone is on the same page and allows things to flow a little easier.

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How to Retain Members and Encourage Attendance

As the semester passes and your chapter meetings are underway, you may notice your meeting attendance begin to dwindle. Why? As the president of the North Carolina A&T State University MANRRS chapter, I found myself asking this question among many others. Why is my attendance declining with each meeting? Why are the students not interested in coming anymore? What should I do differently to...

Mentors vs Advisors


 College can be a scary place for students. Frequently, students may feel confused about how to handle their academic career. Often, students will proceed blindly through college because they don’t realize the resources available to them.


Team Building Activities for Students


Joining a new student organization is scary. You walk into the first meeting, and you don’t know a single person in the room. Everyone looks at you and you don’t really know what to do…so what do you do?

Money Talks: Addressing Graduate Student Concerns

Entering into a graduate department can be one of the most daunting and exhilarating experiences a graduate student can partake in. It can generate a number of emotions such as excitement, apprehension, and confusion. Along with these emotions, concerns about financial stability and housing can be great issues for graduate students. “How do I get funding?” and “who takes care of the needs of...

Internships for First Year Students

When to look, where to look, and how to choose! Internships are in most cases a gateway to an entry-level position, and knowing this will allow you to succeed from start to finish. Freshman in college are in most cases seen as the lowest on the totem pole; it is your job to change that. So, where do you look for internships?

The Importance of Managing Work-Life Balance

 Work-life balance can seem hard to achieve and impossible at times. Through the use of smartphones, email, and other technology, “unplugging” from the office can be difficult.